“Wael Kfoury has the most beautiful voice, and these are my preparations for him, Pascal Machaalani and Nancy Ajram.”

You are now following the news about Shahid .. Private – Melhem Abu Shadeed: “Wael Kfoury has the most beautiful voice, and these are my preparations for him, Pascal Machaalani and Nancy Ajram.” We leave you now with the most important details

Sana’a – Abdul Jalil Fares – Composer, music arranger, orchestra leader, creative and sensitive. He presents romance and stirs feelings. He is also diverse in his melodies, and successful in all musical genres. This success translated greatly with the Lebanese artist Wael Kfoury, with many songs, including “If We Loved a Mistake” He is currently preparing new works for him that his fans are eager to release, and his harmony with the Lebanese poet Mounir Bou Assaf has made the artwork they compose difficult against time. It touches the ear of the gourmet and the conscience of the listener, so their songs are imprinted in the memory of the musical library, and its star refuses to fade.
As for his works by the Lebanese artist Pascal Machaalani, she has another talk, as they are extremely harmonious in all aspects of life, in art, in love, and in marriage, which made Pascal, from its inception until today, an important place among her fans, and her songs are still striking, even Among them, which have been released for many years, and the most recent song, “Hobbak Madhi”, achieved great success.
“Al-Fan” had this interview with the creative composer and arranger, Melhem Abu Shadid, and this dialogue with him was heart-to-heart.

What are your new preparations?

The friendly poet Mounir Bou Assaf and I always meet and sit in the studio, and currently we have 3 or 4 songs by the Lebanese artist Wael Kfoury, but we do not know the timing of their release, as I prepared a song by the artist Wael Mansour, and I have stations with the artist Wael Jassar.

Is Wael Kfoury living in a state of joy recently, so we notice that the matter is reflected in his songs?

Wael is sweet with joy and sweet with sadness, and the songs we attended contain joy and grief.

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Describe to us Wael Kfoury’s voice, and the extent of harmony between the two of you in the studio.

I consider Wael Kfoury’s voice to be the most beautiful voice in the Arab world, and working with him involves anxiety and pleasure at the same time, and there is an advantage in Wael, that he forgets himself when he is in the studio, so if he records 20 tracks, he memorizes every note and every word he sang and how he sang it, and it remains for 4 Or 5 days, he calls me, and asks me to replace this note with that one, and he is very precise in his art, until he reaches what satisfies him, and he can stay without sleep for three or four days, so he goes two hours to his house, then returns to the studio to complete work on his songs .

ffc46206bb.jpgWhat do you think of Pascal Machaalani’s voice?

She has a strong and soft coppery voice material at the same time, and her voice has an identity, as it is distinguished from others, as it is quickly recognized, and even to the point that when I record her voice in the studio, I imagine the blackbird Sabah in front of me, in her voice a great resemblance to the voice of Sabah, may God have mercy on her, just as Pascal has A distinguished presence on stage.

60874fdc87.jpgDid you and Pascal expect their new song “Your Love Is Madhi” to be so hit?

If every artist or composer expects the song he presents to be hit, all his songs would be hit, but this is a blessing from the Lord of the Worlds. We do what is necessary, and we choose the words that are appropriate for our current era, and I think that women loved the song more than men, because it touches every woman. She has a lover whom she still loves, but her relationship with him hurt her, and she is tired of this relationship, and she wants to leave him, and she is unable to do so. When the theme of the song directly touches every person, and the melody shows the beautiful words in a way that is sweet to the ear, and the musical arrangement is proportional to the melody, The song succeeds.

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“Your love is miserable” from Hussein Khalifa’s words, tell us more about him?

He is a promising young man residing in Germany, his voice is beautiful, and he writes and composes in a sweet way. He is the brother of the Lebanese artist Jad Khalifa, and he is not new in art. And I suggested that we put it up, but time passed and winter began, and once I was at home playing the notes of the song “Your Love is Why?” From the studio, and when I came home at two o’clock in the morning, I found Pascal still awake, and she told me: “I did not sleep because of the song because it made me cry, upset me, and made me happy. I would like to release it.” And the song showed a new hoarseness in Pascal’s voice because she sang it from her heart.

​​bc87211d2c.jpgWith which poets, apart from your duet with Mounir Bou Assaf, are you comfortable working, and for which artists do you like to compose?

As for the poets, I have friends. There is Nizar Francis, and we were consulting that we want to present a patriotic work, and there is communication with Emile Fahd, Samir Nakhla and Tony Abi Karam. There are a number of texts in preparation, and we always meet.

What about Najwa Karam?

I gave her the song “Habibi Min”, and I am in constant contact with her, so when I find that there is a song suitable for her, I present it to her, and there are preparations, and I also prepare a song for Nancy Ajram in cooperation with my friend Mounir Bou Assaf in the Lebanese dialect, and when we finish it, we will hear it for Nancy, God willing, there will be cooperation with her, and I will work with Hussein Khalifa on a number of songs, as well as cooperation with Wael Al-Ashqar.

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201db115f7.jpgTell us about your work conducting the orchestra.

I lived with the late musician Melhem Barakat for 3 years before Pascal, as well as Rabih El Khouli for 3 years. I yearn to lead the orchestra, and I would like to lead the orchestra on stage if Pascal has a party, and even play as well, but when I entered the studio experience, I loved him more, and he took 90% of my time, although he often offered me to lead important bands Very much, and I also encourage my son Eli, and take him with me to the studio.

fa029f951e.jpgWhat do you think of the parties that the Lebanese live in Saudi Arabia?

We find that there is a great openness to art, and the use of Lebanese artists, and this is a wonderful thing, and thank God, we notice that the name of Lebanon is present wherever it is in art, and the artists raise the name of Lebanon, and the politicians bring it down.

What is your last word to the readers of the art site?

I salute the “Art” website and its staff, and Ms. Hala Al-Murr, whom I love very much. Despite all the circumstances, you have not stopped, and people follow you wherever you are. Persevere in your pen as it is your line, and under the supervision of Ms. Hala Al-Murr, art will remain true and real and reach all people, and this is the reality of your site Respected, you are active and tell the truth, thank you very much for this wonderful meeting, awaiting expected technical surprises.

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