Waasland-Beveren unsuccessful in Belgian Competition …

Bad news for Waasland-Beveren. The club has been proven wrong by the Belgian Competition Authority (BMA) and sees an opportunity lost to play in 1A next year. The decision of the Pro League on May 15 to cancel the 30th matchday, which forced the East Flemings to drop, does not appear to violate competition rules, the college of the BMA believes.

The BMA’s decision is somewhat surprising. Waasland-Beveren initially received a positive opinion from the auditor on the case that its largest shareholder, Foodinvest Holding NV, had filed against the Pro League. This concerned a complaint on the merits and a request for interim measures. In it, the shareholder asked to let Waasland-Beveren play in 1A and that no financial sanctions should be imposed. The prosecutor, a kind of prosecutor, advised that, at first sight, infringements of competition rules had been identified.

The BMA has only made a decision on the provisional measures for the time being. The substantive complaint is still being investigated, but this could take months. That complaint is in line with the complaints against the Pro League of Antwerp, Virton and ex-football chairman Roland Duchâtelet.

The relegation to 1B suddenly seems very close again for the East Flemish. Although they did bet on several horses. The club also contested the decision of the General Assembly of the Pro League on May 15 before the Belgian Arbitration Court for Sport (BAS). With Beerschot, OHL and Westerlo as intervening parties. The BAS has the power to annul the Pro League decision, but would not comment on the competition rules, but on the legality of the decision of 15 May.

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Finally, Waasland-Beveren also goes to the court of first instance to challenge Mouscron’s license. Westerlo also did this before. However, Waasland-Beveren will not be able to bring this procedure into 1A in the short term.

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Waasland-Beveren will be right in a lawsuit about trunk number

Amateur football club KSK Beveren may also use the trunk number 2300 for the women’s team this season, but not for a men’s team or the youth teams. The company court in Dendermonde decided that on Wednesday in the procedure that the club had started against Waasland-Beveren.

SK Beveren, very successful in the 1970s and 1980s with two league titles and two victories in the Belgian Cup, merged in 2010 with Red Star Waasland. The new team, the current first division Waasland-Beveren, played football under the trunk number of Red Star Waasland and under the mythical 2300 of SK Beveren only a women’s team was played from now on.

Eskabee 1935, a non-profit association, founded the Yellow Blue Supporters Circle Beveren in 2011 with the aim of relaunching the former first division SK Beveren, whose men’s team merged with the Waasland-Beveren merger club in 2010 as an active football team. But because of the agreement that was concluded in 2011 with Red Star Waasland, YB SK Beveren is not allowed to register men’s and youth teams under the trunk number 2300.

YB SK Beveren, which took over the non-profit association KSK Beveren, had asked the Belgian Football Association last year to register the men’s and youth teams under the tribe number 2300 in addition to its women’s team, but the RBFA kept its decision under review. YB SK Beveren then went to the Ghent corporate court in Dendermonde, with the primary goal of terminating or terminating the agreement.

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A judge decided on Wednesday not to accept the request, so that the status quo is maintained. In concrete terms, this means that the men’s team, which plays in the 2nd provincial, will continue to play under the trunk number 9577. According to Waasland-Beveren, YB SK Beveren must “return the trunk number 2300 to the football association as provided in the agreement” as soon as the non-profit association KSK Beveren is debt-free. .


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