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VALDENBURG – ICT company VelzArt from Waardenburg is one of the Dutch companies that has become a victim of a large-scale cyber attack.

The global attack began Friday night and is linked to a Russian hacker group. So-called ransomware or ransomware blocks access to the victim’s files, including VelzArt. The key is usually only released after payment of ransom.


We will also get this job done


The attack that is now underway may have started at Kaseya, a supplier of IT management software. The Waardenburg company VelzArt has been using Kaseya since 2010 for the management and maintenance of customer computer systems. “Despite the transition we made very recently towards a new software solution, the Kaseya software was still on many of our customers’ systems for specific management purposes,” explains the company on its website. Since the hack, the company has been working around the clock on solutions. ‘The night shift was relieved at 08.00 this morning by the day shift, for imaging.’

In addition to VelzArt, technical service provider Hoppenbrouwers was also affected by the attack in the Netherlands. The hackers may also have data from the university in Leiden captured.

Impact enorm

According to VelzArt, systems that were switched on between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Friday were infected. ‘So far, infected systems have come in different variants. Some systems are completely inaccessible, others can still be used.’

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VelzArt could not be reached for comment on Saturday evening. The company writes that the impact of the attack is “enormous”. ‘We live in the fortunate circumstance that our customers think along with us very well, which in turn gives morale to our own people. We will also get this job done, thank you for everyone’s patience and understanding.

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