Vucic: I will return from Moscow as a colonel or as a deceased person

Serbian President Alexander Vucic PHOTO: Reuters

I am leaving for Moscow for gas talks and will return as a colonel or as a deceased, Serbian President Alexander Vucic said in an interview with Belgrade’s Happy TV last night.

Vucic is leaving for Moscow on November 24 to meet with President Vladimir Putin on November 25, and one of the main topics will be the price of Russian gas for Serbia, BTA reported.

Serbia is considering buying at least three billion cubic meters of Russian gas each year for 10 years. We are now buying $ 270 per thousand cubic meters of gas under a long-term contract, the Serbian president said. Vucic recently announced that, as a first offer, Belgrade has received a formula where the price of gas for Serbia would reach $ 780-790 per 1,000 cubic meters. The Serbian president said the country could not afford such a price.

The contract for gas imports from Russia expires at the end of the year, he said, adding that he would ask for an urgent increase in supplies because the reserves at the Banatski Dvor gas storage facility are being emptied every day.

The president announced that eight to ten highways are currently being built in Serbia and spoke about the phases in which the construction of these roads is taking place.

He pointed out that more and more nuclear power plants are being built around the world, and that Serbia must follow this trend. Vucic talked about the topic with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and earlier about the Belene NPP – with then-Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. We will also have to have green energy, but that requires investment, he said.

Construction of a “national Serbian stadium” is due to begin soon, and it will be “a show of pride and pride, the best from here to Athens and Vienna”. “I don’t care that they will challenge my decision for the stadium, which is also a development project, this part of the city will prosper,” Vucic said. He added that he had heard 50 times why a stadium was being built and no more funds were being allocated to hospitals, and asked “to see and analyze who has built how many hospitals”.



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