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Vrublevska’s 32-year career is recognized by Levits as an outstanding achievement for the state – Other sports –


Egils Levits: “Thank you for your long-term work in the Latvian Olympic Committee as Secretary General and then President! Your contribution has contributed to Latvia’s recognition in the international sports arena – LOK is a reliable partner, our Olympians are strong contenders for prizes, and Latvia’s name Due to your selfless work, our Olympians have managed to achieve outstanding results in the world, therefore I consider your 32 – year career in the Latvian Olympic Committee as an outstanding merit for the country. “

Thanks to the honor and respect shown, the President of LOK Aldon Vrublevsky President Egils Levits was presented with the first three volumes of the Olympic Encyclopedia.

We remind you that the review-election session of the LOK General Assembly on July 10 will take place at the Elektrum Olympic Center. It is estimated that the current Secretary General, Georges Tikmer, will be elected as the new President of the LOC, who is the only candidate for this position. Only Kārlis Lejnieks, a member of the Executive Committee of the LOC and the Secretary General of the Latvian Tennis Union, is applying for the position of Secretary General.

After the renewal of our Olympic Committee, the first president of the LOC was Vilnis Baltiņš, who ruled from 1988 to 2004. Aldons Vrubļevskis took over the management of this organization, who now does not apply for the next term.

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