Vrtice 360 ​​will bring Susana Rodrguez Lezaun’s ‘No Return’ trilogue to television

The producer Vertex 360 confirmed yesterday through Facebook that it will adapt to television what is known as trilogy No return, written by the writer from Pamplona Susana Rodríguez Lezaun.

Vertex 360, responsible for series such as Doctor Mateo, With the ass in the air The Question of sex, among others, already announced in August last year that it had acquired the television rights of this literary saga, although to date it had not offered more news in this regard. Now, perhaps taking advantage of the author’s media pull, who has just published Under the skin (Harper Collins), has announced that, indeed, has started the project.

At the moment it is unknown who will direct the series or who will give life to the characters invented by Rodríguez. This, who will not participate in the scripts, but is open to collaborate and answer all the necessary queries, was excited yesterday on social networks. “The wheel begins to roll, and never better said. If you could listen to my heart right now … David Vázquez and Irene Ochoa will soon be the protagonists of a television series,” he wrote.

For its part, the official Facebook account of the producer could read the following text: “Vértice 360 ​​will adapt the No Return trilogy by the writer Susana Rodríguez Lezaun to the small big screen. Each of the books in the trilogy develops a differentiated police plot that accompanies the personal plot that Irene Ochoa and inspector David Vázquez star throughout the three novels that will serve as the basis for the first two seasons “.

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The saga

The trilogy to which the producer refers opens with No return, published in 2015. In the novel, Irene OchoaTrapped in an abusive marriage, she ends her husband’s life by setting a fire in their house. Now, when he seems to savor freedom, he will have to confront the instinct of the National Police inspector David vazquez. This, in turn, must solve one of the most rugged cases of his career: several pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago have been found dead in Roncesvalles, just a few kilometers away, and everything indicates that it was the work of a serial killer.

The second novel in the series is titled Debts from the cold (2017) and begins with the assassination of Jorge Viamonte, the president of the Banco Hispano-Francés, in Berriozar. There he was to meet his brother Lucas, an alcoholic vagabond whom he only spoke to when he needed money. The investigation falls on Vázquez, who follows the sentimental relationship that began a while earlier with Irene Ochoa, who, in turn, continues to try to cover up the traces of his crime.

And the saga ends with I will see you tonight, with Irene Ochoa on the run, David Vázquez devastated by the findings about what he considered his partner and a new case. Raquel Gimeno travels by car with her family. Her two children and her mother rest behind while her husband drives alongside her. Exhausted from the preparations for the move, she closes her eyes and falls into a deep sleep. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a field. Still inside the vehicle. But alone. His family has disappeared without a trace.

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The entire literary series it happens in Navarra. It remains to be seen if the production company will decide to shoot in provincial territory.


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