Vrrtil: I thought that the Slovaks would bite vc, nai mlad confirmed the growth


Navrtilv he beat the crack of Sparta slovak soup 3: 2 on clay, the same thing happened to less than three months of the Davis Cup finals in Bratislava.


Daviscup’s darkness defeated the Slovaks in the Friendship Cup

I thought that the Slovaks would bite everything and they would want to defeat us, even if it was not an unofficial return, the capital of the embroiled squad. But of course I was glad the boys did it. The young people also received young people who showed that they were on an upward trend, and we confirmed that the victory in Bratislava was not an accident.

On Saturday, Vrrtil nominated both of the best Eskist players in singles Jiho Veselho a Luke Rosola. On Sunday, however, for a 1: 1 bet vltly on kurt young nadje Zdenk Kol a Jon Forejtek. I expected that when they got the anci, then use it, he revealed the captains of their manners.

His pedpov was fulfilled.

Twenty-three-year-old Kol first swept Andrej Martin 6: 0 and 6: 2, Forejtek, who was three years young, lost to Filip Horanski as a result of 6: 4 and 6: 4. After their shower, it was decided.

Navrtil paused for a moment in front of Zdek, who crushed the soup after a fantastic performance. I am very happy that Jon also did a great job and proved that he is sticking together and advancing on the ebek. In addition, he graduated, and I’m calm on thorns and waist, he said.

Tennis player from the ways of practice. At the restart, we will have a chance, in Forejtek

While Kol was still flawless on the court, Forejtek fought with a strong wind for a while. esk junior led 3: 1 in the second set, but zhy lost 3: 4.

There was a fool on one side, there was a bit of a blow, and Jon lost the service because of that fool, looking for Navrtil pins. I told him that he had to go under it so that his holes would have the first length. Jon complied, played an active forehand, and then served. I’m very happy that it got to the end.

Forjtek appreciated Navrtil’s instructions. Under the captain, I played the quarter back in the Davis Cup, he also knew the time and his advice was very good, he revealed.

Krplek also congratulated Kola on demolishing his favorite. Krsn feeling, lived tennis player

Encountering Slovakia would not be official, Navrtil was told that he would be able to rely on young people in the future as well. In addition, the Czech tennis players have a positive effect on a lot of events, on which they can claim thorns in a competitive way during the season.

It can be seen that the guys who played the TS President’s Cup tournament here on Spart and gave the action, they have some kind of return behind them, Navrtil noticed.

Andrej Martin just stuck with you and you could see that he had the fault of the parties. If the tournaments start, it will be a good idea for an esk game, they have so much to play. In other countries, tournaments have not started so much.

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