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Vratislav Měchura, actor, moderator and personality of TV Šlágr, left

He taught mainly Czech and history at the Secondary Vocational School in Písek, as well as economic geography and civics. His co-workers liked him here. Czech colleague Štěpán Mareš recalls: “He was a smart, educated, quick man. He was able to influence students well and to some extent also colleagues. He worked a lot and intensively, he had a lot. ”He comes across his teachings, projects, filming. “He had a hectic, fast life, he liked cars and motorcycles and he organized the Písek Motor Show there. Maybe that’s what gave it, “he thinks of the departure of a colleague and friend. He admired Vratislav Měchura as an excellent actor and rhetorist who could speak promptly and meaningfully. “I like to ride a bike through Pohorovice, where he had a cottage. He always invited me for coffee, “says the teacher. It is said that they often stabbed themselves in a friendly spirit on the subject of music. Štěpán Marek contributed to Metal Zine, a fan magazine. “From concerts that belong to extreme styles of music. He was again the second extreme, he worked on TV Šlágr. I always said to him: Your brass bands! And he answered me in a similar way. I will miss this collegial friendship, “says Štěpán Mareš.

The head of TV Šlágr, Karel Peterka, considers Vratislav Měchur to be a long-term friend. “He used to work in places that meant culture,” he begins. In 1977, 1978, Karel Peterka performed with Pavel Steffal as a successful duo. “Vráta held a protective hand over us, thanks to him we were able to ride in brigades where there were young people,” he recalls. Then TV Šlágr was formed. “We worked together because he was an excellent and exceptional moderator. From today’s point of view, the star was TV Šlágr, but I didn’t know that at the time, “he says. They collaborated together on a daily basis and Vratislav Měchur became a great personality of television. “He became a darling and a star. This is evidenced by the fact that we are flooded with the condolences of Czechs and Slovaks, he was the star of hundreds of thousands of people, “thinks Karel Peterka. This is an irreparable loss for TV. “For example, I need to do one show now, and I know that Vrata should do it. He was able to take on the task, there are not many such people, “says the head of TV Šlágr. The loss is multiple for him, because in addition to his co-worker, a friend also left. “He could always listen,” thinks Karel Peterka.

Commentator and moderator Zuzana Bubílková also remembers Vratislav Měchur. They knew each other for years from the variety show Bubušou, they worked together for several years until the coronavirus period, which delayed further cooperation. “We had another show ready, it was no longer realized because of this event,” says Zuzana Bubílková. They communicated a lot. “I sent him my ideas, he wrote to me or we called. He used to graduate. When something happened there, he called me, “says Zuzana Bubílková about a nice relationship with Vratislav Měchura. His death surprised her also because he had no health problems the whole time they knew each other. “It never occurred to me that Vráťa would not be,” says the moderator. How does he remember his partner? “It simply came to our notice then. When a person stands on stage in an improvised show, it sometimes happens that he suddenly does not know what to do next. But there was Vráťa, who always got into it. He was intelligent and communicative, he had a huge supply of forums, he could listen, “recalls Zuzana Bubílková and explains:” This is very important for moderating in pairs. When two people don’t listen on stage, it doesn’t work. But we listened to each other. “He finally adds,” It took me. “

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