Vratislav Měchura († 67) died. That’s what colleagues say about him!

Fans of TV Šlágr were hit by the news of the death of their favorite moderator Vratislav Měchura. How do colleagues remember the musician?

“We often called and now he didn’t answer my phone for some time due to a coronavirus pause, I wondered when he would call me back. We were great friends, I liked working with him. He was very nice, prompt …” said Zuzana Bubílková according to Aha .

Měchura and Bubílková moderated the show Šlágr Bubu, but he also performed as a singer. His loss hit the whole television hard.

“Vráta had a minor stroke some time ago, he even lost his sight for a while, but he was already recovering,” another colleague told the server.

The musician was supposed to have head surgery for a clot, but he got the worst type of coronavirus and spent the last few days on the devices.

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