Vraštil scored the first goal for Zlín. Thanks to him, the shoemakers cut the unflattering string of league matches without victory


How important is winning for your team?

Extremely. After all, we and Teplice did not take a single point in the first two rounds. We were hugely relieved. We are very happy that we have repaired our reputation after the previous debacle in Ostrava, and together with last year’s first league, we ended an unpleasant series of thirteen league matches without a victory. Maybe we will win much more often now.

How much do you enjoy the first goal in the Zlín jersey?

It’s such a icing on the cake for me. I’m so glad I fell there. But more importantly, we scored in full.

How did you see the goal situation?

I suspected that a long balloon would fly into my opponent’s sixteen. I bounced off my opponents and tried to avoid offside. I managed to aim my head at the back pole. I think I hit it pretty well. (smile). God forbid the ball went into the net.

Do you already know how much the premier goal for Zlín will cost you in the team box office?

Nobody has said anything yet, so I hope nothing. But our treasurer, Robert Matejov, will probably remember. In that case, I’ll be happy to pay. These are quite pleasant responsibilities.

Can she count more than in the spring after the birth of a daughter?

I hope not.

Zlín celebrates the first points of the season, winning three matches after thirteen matches

Has anything changed in your life with the arrival of the offspring?

When I became a father, I realized that family is most to me. With the advent of the little one, I gained insight. I don’t take other things so seriously anymore. However, that does not mean that I would postpone football to the other track. I try to keep giving him the maximum. Especially when my loved ones incredibly support me in my career and stood behind me even when I was injured for a long time.

You scored your fourth goal in the elite competition. Do you remember after how long?

I think that before that I hit the jersey of Brno’s Zbrojovka about three years ago. And I have a feeling that also against Teplice.

So the North Bohemian team is your favorite opponent?

Probably yes. This time we had the match under control from the 34th minute, when we scored the leading goal. We forced Teplice to open the game, and we threatened from fast breaks. On the contrary, while we calmed down, the guests were visibly nervous. Then we didn’t allow our opponents much. On the contrary, we could have won even more significantly. However, it also wanted to change other chances, which we developed quite a lot.



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