Vraem 2021 Strategy: Devida expands intervention with more than 3,000 ha of cocoa crops | News

With the objective of expanding coverage to 3,377 hectares of cocoa crops in the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro Valley (Vraem) during 2021, the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida) provides technical assistance to 3,193 families.

The initiative, which has a budget of 11 million 468,477 soles, is part of the implementation of the Vraem 2021 Strategy, which Devida has been promoting since 2019 for the execution of the activity related to technical assistance of the value chain in the cultivation of cocoa, in order to improve the economy of the families that opted for sustainable alternative crops in the area.

In this context, The intervention includes 200 new hectares in the installation stage, 2,067 hectares in growth and 1,110 hectares in production, under the technical assistance of knowledgeable professionals of this important crop in the valley.

Among the actions that the technical team develops in the field are: personalized assistance to families, prospecting and georeferencing, formulation and design of farms, installation and management of nurseries, soil analysis, definitive field installation, grafting, pruning, composting, pest and disease management.

Likewise, organic certification, soil fertilization, weed control, installation of temporary and permanent shade forest species, production of biofertilizers, installation of compost bins, installation of solar dryers, harvest and post-harvest management, environmental inspection, among others.

Most of the technical staff live in the intervention localities at the valley level, in order to transfer theoretical and practical knowledge to families, in strict compliance with biosafety protocols in order to prevent the spread of the covid-19.



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