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VP Bank financed Sir Branson’s Caribbean island

Richard Branson became an entrepreneur legend in his native England. At the same time, many attacked “Sir” Branson. They accused him of tax optimization.

Now Branson is in a fix. His Virgin airline desperately needs money. The branch in Australia reported insolvency; nobody is flying in the corona crisis anymore.

Shortly before it happened this week, Branson went on the offensive with a private message. He would make a big sacrifice himself and pledge his Caribbean island, he said online.

The dream place is called Necker Island and belongs to the group of the British Virgin Islands, a classic offshore tax paradise. At Necker, Branson offers luxury for guests with over 100 employees.

VP Bank from the Principality of Liechtenstein financed the development of Necker into a private island with noble commerce. Sir Branson provided critical loans to their branches in the Caribbean.

Now the bank has to help in an emergency. But: Who wants to invest their money in a private Caribbean island today?

A VP spokeswoman came forward this morning with a statement. Please understand that we understand that we cannot provide information regarding customer relationships or potential customer relationships due to bank client confidentiality.

The close connection between Branson and the VP Bank branch in the Caribbean can be found on the Internet. After the hurricane “Irma”, Branson praised the reconstruction on the Virgin side thanks to joint effort.

“It was a pleasure to sit down with Sjoerd Koster, General Manager of VP Bank and Chad Lettsome, a local Branson Center BVI entrepreneur and answer some questions from the students,” wrote Virgin owner Branson.

“It was an extra surprise for the winning student to be awarded $ 1000 prize money courtesy of VP Bank.”

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