Voyah Electric Sedan “Passion” Coming to Russia: Features and Release Date


At the Shanghai Motor Show, Voyah (part of the Dongfeng concern) announced the start of sales of its third model – an electric sedan called Voyah Zhuiguang, which debuted at the end of last year. In the Chinese market, it is offered in two versions and costs from 47 thousand to 63 thousand dollars. And very soon these cars will appear in Russia – fortunately, under a different name. The sedans will be exported under the name Voyah Passion (“Passion”).

The Russian importer announced that we will have the same two versions available as in China. Both with twin-engine all-wheel drive (510 hp, 730 Nm). But the initial modification has a traction battery with a capacity of 82 kWh and a passport range of 483 km (according to the WLTP cycle), and the parameters of the second option are 109 kWh and 608 km. To “hundreds” sedans can accelerate in 3.8 and 4.2 s, respectively.

Prices in Russia have not yet been announced, but official dealers are already ready to accept an application for the Voyah Passion model. Living machines should arrive by early summer. Later, the family will be replenished with a rechargeable hybrid, in which the gasoline engine operates only in generator mode to recharge the traction battery.

Voyah is also preparing a fourth model. Her harbinger at the motor show in Shanghai was the Voyah Icozy concept car. This is a fastback without a rear window (like the Polestar 4), although the format of the production car may still change. But the design of the front end is already done in the same style with the serial models of the brand.

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As planned, Voyah Icozy is a full-fledged drone, because there are no steering wheels and pedals at all (even when folded). And a kind of “glove box-XXL” is made across the entire width of the front panel – a deep compartment for small things and gadgets. However, a display for instruments and a media system is still preserved above it. Not a word was said about the alleged technical stuffing. The release date for the production version has yet to be announced.

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