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A year ago, Volvo unexpectedly announced that all of its cars will have a forced speed limiter that does not allow them to accelerate faster than 180 km / h. This news caused a great resonance around the world, however, Volvo strategists did not abandon their decision – and brought it to fruition. From now on, all new Volvo cars, regardless of model, body type and power, will have a non-disconnectable limiter. In addition, the Care Key feature has appeared, which allows the owner to further reduce the maximum speed threshold in case a young and inexperienced driver is driving.

These measures are part of the Vision 2020 program introduced five years ago, according to which, by the specified year, Volvo cars should completely protect their passengers not only from death, but also from serious injuries and injuries. There are not many places in the world where traffic rules allow movement at a speed of more than 180 km / h on public roads. The exceptions are Germany and the British Isle of Man, where the law allows you to drive faster on certain sections of country roads. In the vast majority of countries, even a speed of 180 km / h is far beyond the scope of the Rules. Yes, and passive safety systems like pillows at this speed will no longer help.

But the fact is that the auxiliary electronics, which is responsible for the adaptive cruise control and numerous safety systems, so far cannot reliably operate at speeds above 180 km / h. Therefore, when it is exceeded, engineers simply cannot guarantee the reliable operation of systems in case of danger on the road. Volvo understands risks like losing potential customers, but the safety of their customers has proved more important to the Swedes.

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