Volt Amsterdam on five seats in the poll: “Beyond our expectations”

It was nice to wake up for the people of Volt Amsterdam today. With eleven percent of the votes in the poll by Maurice de Hond, which was carried out on behalf of D66, the party would reach five seats.

“We are going for three seats in Amsterdam, so this was beyond our expectations,” says Volt Amsterdam leader Juliet Broersen. Broersen suspects that it is because people are looking for a new political sound. “Ultimately we are a new generation, we are committed to collaboration and we are a positive sound. I think many people are also disappointed in the current politics or are searching, and Volt has an incredibly nice answer to that.”

GroenLinks halves

According to this poll, GroenLinks would only receive 10 percent of the vote. This is half compared to 2018, when the party was still the largest in the city. Alderman Rutger Groot Wassink of GroenLinks emphasizes that it is only a poll. “We still have eight weeks to go and there is still a lot to win.”

“It is interesting to see that D66 and VVD both seem quite large,” says Groot Wassink. “We will soon see a real battle between left and right. Will Amsterdam remain a left-progressive city or are we going to turn right? That is the stake we are going to talk about. I am looking forward to a very nice battle.”

D66 the biggest

According to De Hond, D66 would receive 15 percent of the votes and thus become the largest. “What strikes me is that the battle for Mokum is really more exciting than ever. It is of course good news that D66 is at the top, but polls are still there,” said parliamentary party leader Reinig van Dantzig.

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