Volotea Unveils Five New Lines and Plans for Further Expansion in Strasbourg

Volotea Unveils Five New Lines and Plans for Further Expansion in Strasbourg

Five new lines will be unveiled in the coming weeks by the company

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Seven new Volotea routes will be opened in 2024 in Strasbourg. Two of them are Calvi and Malaga, to know the other destinations you will have to wait a little longer. To be able to serve them, a second A320 aircraft will be integrated into the Volotea Strasbourg fleet. Calvi completes in 4th place the destinations on the island of beauty, very popular with Alsatianssince it brings together between 20% and 25% of Alsatian tourists who left this summer. 7,000 seats will be available from June 1. Malaga, for its part, responds to the wave of Spanish tourists arriving in Alsace during the summer period, an increase of 25% this year. This line to Malaga will have to be put into service from April 20.

A strategy adapted to the locality

To be able to put this system in place, Volotea has demonstrated its desire to recruit locally. 30 new direct jobs and 170 indirect jobs will increase the workforce. The fleet of two Airbus A320s constitutes 360 seats in total. Volotea now offers 29 destinations from Strasbourg and don’t plan to stop there. Gilles Gosselin, France director of Volotea, explains that “ our strategy is to connect medium-sized cities which are poorly served or which are only served with Paris, and to increase the number of services. We do not want to use routes that are already offered by other airlines. We want to create new destinations, new routes and Strasbourg for us is really a textbook case. » Volotea will now be able to transport one million passengers each year to Strasbourg.

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