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– I said before the tournament that we will have tough matches in the group stage and the second set against the Belgians was demanding. If we lost it, we would have a match as nervous as the one against the Greeks, which we won in four sets. Fortunately, that did not happen. We were more effective today, and Łukasz Kaczmarek and Grzegorz Łomacz, who started the meeting all over again, did a good job. If Łukasz plays as well as against the Belgians, maybe he should also be on the pitch in the next matches. I am glad that thanks to quality we can withstand difficult moments and I can see some progress. I think we will be almost ready for the most important games. For now, many things are not 100% done yet. Four matches in five days cost a lot of energy, we need a free Tuesday to relax – commented the Belgian.

Before the tournament, Vital Heynen’s daughter, Bente, told him that she could lose the game against any team, but not against Belgium, because if she went to school, the others would laugh at her. The Belgian took advantage of this and conveyed the words to the players. – They knew that they were playing for my daughter and that for my child it was the most important game in three years. They had in their heads that their daughter was at home and she was experiencing this meeting – describes Heynen.

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On Wednesday at 17.30 Poles will play the last group match. The rival will be Ukraine, whose star is Oleh Płotnycki – a player led by the Belgian in Perugia. – He has great potential and is still young. He’s a guy who always plays as well as he can and shows class in every game. He has a great service and I think he can play a big game against us, says Heynen.

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