Volleyball/League B. Eric Ngapeth (Grand Nancy): “We won’t let go”

Eric Ngapeth, the GNVB conceded in December in Illac its 3rd loss in 11 games. We are far from the hoped-for market table, right?

I can’t say that. At the start of the season, we had a certain value because of the good results obtained during the preparation matches. But we realize that we are totally dependent on Matej Patak. He is our stabilizer. Without him, the team seems lost. It’s problematic and confusing because we still have players of international stature. Now all is not negative. We are currently doing better than Saint-Quentin and Martigues who were also aiming for the first places.

Nancy ended 2021 with two defeats in a row. Hasn’t the GNVB become an ordinary team?

No. Because I always remember what she is capable of doing when she is complete. Now, it is indisputable that some players are currently restricted. For them to progress, they have to train but that too goes through rotations. Unfortunately, today, whether the players are good or bad, they are always on the field and do not necessarily question themselves. It would take competition to tickle them.

What are you missing?

Priority is given to a passer to replace Robert (Viiber) if necessary. We have Timéo (Levasseur) but he only has a regional level. Then we would need another marker for the end of the net. But this category of players is expensive… Théo (Josserand) is an average player. He does what he can. But for me, a substitute must have a strong point. He must be able to bring us added value in a game sector. This is not the case with Théo…

“In the play-offs, everything is possible”

Have you asked for reinforcements from the president?

I put the problem to Serge Petiot in its entirety. He told me that the club did not have the means to take on an additional player. Despite everything, we are currently tracking a young foreign smuggler who would come almost for a pittance. Its arrival would allow us to have other solutions in the game.

And for your position 4. Do you have an idea?

Volleyball has become a major sport in the metropolis. At Vandoeuvre, we shoot with an average of 1,000 spectators. However, I thought I understood that we did not have the same financial aid as the other professional clubs which play at the same level as us. If we could get some help from elected officials…

With only one rise in Ligue A at the end of the season, is the championship already played?

Practically yes… Over the duration of the regular phase, we do not have the means to fight with Saint-Nazaire who have not yet lost a single match. Now, in the play-offs, everything is possible. I’m sure we can have an underdog role. We’re going to play our luck to the fullest and we won’t give up.


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