Volkswagen ID concept. Aero is a harbinger of a new flagship

Electric sedan Volkswagen ID. Aero is just as elegant as the recently published sketch promised. So – at least its concept, which the carmaker has just introduced.

The centerpiece of the bow’s design is the carmaker’s logo, from which a luminous line emerges on both sides. We can probably expect this in the production version as well. The shapes of the bumpers, mirrors and the “greenhouse”, which looks like an elongated cabin of the already sold ID.4, probably too.

Especially on the sides of the concept ID. Aero is reminiscent of other members of the ID family, and perhaps many changes may not take place except for the clicks. On the contrary, the rear lamps say perhaps the most that we are looking at the concept, not the production car.

Volkswagen ID. Aero

Photo: Volkswagen

ID. The Aero is almost five meters long and the wheelbase is almost three meters long. The concept wheels have a diameter of 22 inches. The car doesn’t look like an SUV, but the massive one will almost certainly live. The carmaker has not published any pictures of the interior yet.

The concept may act as a replacement for the Volkswagen Passat, but it is expected to receive another conventional generation next year. Production version ID. According to the Autocar website, Aero, which is to receive the ID.6 designation, will be on offer at the same time as the flagship of the ID family.

Volkswagen ID. Aero

Photo: Volkswagen

The car is built on the MEB platform, which means that the rear wheels will be driven at the base and the higher ones in higher versions. The concept battery has 77 kWh of capacity and thanks to the air resistance coefficient of only 0.23, the range on a single charge should be up to 620 km. A smaller, 52kWh battery is also planned for production.

The mentioned production is to start in China with partners FAW and SAIC, already in 2023. For European markets there is a production version of ID. Aero manufacture in Emden, Germany. According to some sources, there is also talk of a station wagon version, but let’s not wait here before 2025.

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