Volkswagen Arteon flagship liftback legalized in Russia – Autoreview

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In the open base of Rosstandart appeared Approval of the type of vehicle (OTTS) for liftback Volkswagen Arteon. This model debuted in Europe in the spring of 2017, but sales are sluggish: last year 21 thousand cars were bought against 154 thousand Passat. Volkswagen has long promised to bring Arteon to the Russian market, but only now the car has passed certification and is formally ready to start sales.

In Russia, Volkswagen Arteon is certified with a 2.0 TSI petrol turbo four in two versions. The first has a return of 190 hp. and is installed on the version with front-wheel drive, and the second produces 280 hp, can only work on “ninety-eighth” gasoline and is set to four-wheel drive liftbacks with a multi-plate rear wheel drive clutch. Diesel modifications and minor versions with “mechanics” will not be delivered to us: both local versions have a seven-speed DSG “robot” with two clutches. There are also four possible tire sizes in the OTTC: 225/55 R17, 245/45 R18, 245/40 R19 and 245/35 R20.

Liftbacks will be delivered to us from Germany: only German manufacturers are indicated in the certificate. This means that the starting price in Russia is likely to be in the region of three million rubles. The type approval, which entered into force on December 27, is issued for three years, but the exact date for the start of sales has not yet been announced.

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