Voka entrepreneurs’ organization asks for shelter when schools are closed | Coronavirus what you need to know

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Voka points out that continuity in many companies is already under pressure because employees are sick or are in quarantine. “Our companies must be able to continue to run”, it sounds.

The employers’ organization also reiterates its plea for support measures for affected sectors (events, culture, relaxation …), such as temporary unemployment corona and the Flemish protection mechanism, whereby companies with a significant loss of turnover receive financial support.

“We must not allow companies and sectors to capsize,” says Hans Maertens, CEO of Voka. “The support measures have proved their worth and should be extended or reintroduced. The support measures should support the affected sectors and their suppliers.”

Together with the entrepreneurial organization Unizo, Voka also asks that the governments tackle the corona crisis more structurally, instead of “zigzagging from one Consultation Committee to another”. “A more structural policy to suppress possible new waves in a more consistent way”, this was called at Unizo.

At Voka, there is a plea for a corona barometer. “That instrument should provide society with a view in advance of what measures will be taken when certain limit values ​​are reached.” CD&V chairman Joachim Coens also argues for a corona barometer.


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