Vojtech: The third dose? It makes sense for those who didn’t have covid

People who have had covid-19 and are fully vaccinated do not need the third dose, which is currently being discussed and is starting to be given to people at risk. This was stated today by the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (for YES).

However, in people who have not had the disease and are only vaccinated, “the third dose makes sense.”

He added that the debate on the recognition of antibodies as evidence of covid’s “safety” is still ongoing. However, they will not be recognized in the Czech Republic yet. However, people who have their antibodies measured and who are high after the disease can only be vaccinated with one dose, so the Janssen single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson is offered.

The opposition and Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) demanded the recognition of antibodies. Some experts opposed it, and even with antibodies it is advisable to get vaccinated. “The data is ambiguous at the moment. That is why we are launching another study, the so-called Preval II, “said the minister.

The ministry informed about the study last week, according to Vojtěch, it will start this week. About 8,000 people are expected to take part, including healthcare professionals, the chronically ill and those who were tested in the first phase of the study last year. The public cannot report, the participants will be contacted by hospitals. “We agreed that we should have some initial results within two months,” he said.

Antibody dispute

Opponents of antibody recognition they argue that it has not yet been determined universal value levels of antibodies that should be sufficient to protect against infection. I also bother them that people who have tested positive with all the consequences, such as hygiene tracing and compulsory quarantine for up to two weeks, should have the same “advantage” as those who they avoided inconveniences.

On the contrary argument of the proponents is the value of antibodies, thanks to which people can after suffering from the disease donate plasma for the treatment of patients with covid-19. Vaccination with high antibodies is unnecessary and can lead to it to more frequent side effects.

“All indicators of the epidemic are now holding on to good values. Last year, by now, the epidemic was gaining momentum, and the number of hospitalizations was much higher. I see above all the effect of vaccination, “Vojtěch said today at the press conference about the development of the epidemic.

“However, it is still necessary to re-vaccinate risk groups that have not yet been vaccinated in order to close the epidemic door,” added Ladislav Dušek, director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics. “The workload of hospitals is growing, but it is still very low, which is probably the best news so far,” he warned.

According to the chief hygienist of the Czech Republic Pavla Svrčinová, covid is now spreading mainly in schools and companies where unvaccinated people work. She mentioned two cases of large companies in recent days, where the disease had spread significantly among unvaccinated agency workers.

For schools, the Ministry of Health is waiting for the results of the third round of testing. “Based on them, we will decide how to proceed in schools,” said Minister Vojtěch.

One week ago, however, he stated that according to current data, he does not expect to continue testing in any of the regions.

In the Czech Republic, 138 confirmed cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus increased on Sunday, similar to a week ago. Compared to the previous Sunday, however, according to ČTK, the number of hospitalizations increased significantly. There were 113 people in the hospitals with covid-19, the most since June 17. The incidence number is also growing. It follows from the data on the web Ministry of Health. According to preliminary data, paramedics on Sunday gave less than 1,900 doses of covid vaccination, at least one day after the end of January.

In the last seven days in the Czech Republic, there have been 24 new cases of covid per 100,000 inhabitants. There were 16 of them a week ago.

Coronavirus infection is most prevalent in the Karlovy Vary region and in Prague. In the west of Bohemia, there have been about 48 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days, and 42 in the capital. On the other hand, the most favorable situation is in the Liberec Region with incidence number 11.

At the district level, Karlovy Vary has the highest incidence, followed by Písek. In the district of Karlovy Vary, there are 80 new cases per 100,000 people in the last seven days, and in Písek about 61.

The number of hospitalizations with covid is gradually increasing. There were 113 of them on Sunday, the most since June 17. A week earlier, 68 people had been hospitalized. The number of patients in severe condition is also growing. There were 17 of them on Sunday, ten more than a week earlier.

The reproduction number indicating the number of infected from one who tested positive on Sunday dropped from 1.4 to 1.2. It has been above the number one gap between the acceleration and deceleration of the spread of the infection since 26 August.

Since the epidemic began last March, more than 1.68 million people have been shown to be infected with the new type of coronavirus. About 98 percent of them have already been cured, while 30,414 have died. Since the beginning of September, seven deaths have been added to the statistics.

Laboratories checked 31,500 samples on Sunday, about four-fifths of which were less accurate by antigen. In a week-on-week comparison, the number of tests performed was almost 2,200 lower, but the data appear in the statistics with a smaller delay.

According to preliminary data, medics administered 1,881 doses of covid vaccination on the last day of last week, less than half the amount from the previous Sunday. If the figure did not change, it would mean the lowest number of applied doses per day since the end of January.

Since the beginning of vaccination, 11.63 million doses of some of the four vaccines used have been administered in the Czech Republic. 5,841,873 people have fully completed vaccinations.


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