Vojta Kotek went out with a new girlfriend, he met at the premiere…

Favorite actor Vojta Kotek has been in love with his charming partner Radana for over a year. However, the couple is very guarding of privacy, so he officially introduced his love to the company only at the ceremonial premiere of the film Bethlehem Light. They were first seen last year in sports during March. A few months later, they appeared together at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

A lot of time has passed since Snowboarders and Lucky Insurance Company, where Vojta Kotek played ragged teenagers. He now plays charismatic men, serious roles and in the meantime has managed to study directing. In 2020, he had a severe motorcycle accident, after which he ended up in the ICU, a long recovery cost him a number of contracted roles.

It shines on the screen and in life

Kotek no longer hides his partner from the public. The famous actor took the beautiful Radana to the ceremonial premiere of the film Bethlehem Light, the film was directed by Jan Svěrák and Kotek even made a double role in it. Vojta Kotek and his partner looked very satisfied. Radana shone in pink pants and a black top. Kotek has been doing very well in terms of work in recent years. He starred in several successful films, in the Voyo Guru miniseries or in the biographical drama of Czech Television Maria Theresa.

Damn Hádek

At the premiere, Vojta also met his former partner Tereza Ramba. He dated her as well as Voříšková in the years 2006-2008, when she was shooting the film Berries and started with her film colleague Kryštof Hádek. After a painful break with the charming actress, he started dating the eight-year-old make-up artist Adriana Trpkovič. The official reason for the break-up is not known, but it can be assumed that it was divided by the age difference. It seems as if his acting colleague Hádek was cursed. In 2009, when Kotek dated actress Berenice Kohoutová, he took over again. The last of the VIP girls was reporter Markéta Křivánková.

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