Voetbal Vlaanderen is considering closed changing rooms: “Changing clothes in the secretariat is not possible” | Lower classes

Closed changing rooms in the autumn and winter months are not so obvious. “We are looking at whether we are going to a creative solution or perhaps should link other consequences to it.”

The sports canteens may remain open for the time being – according to the catering rules. “The measures now are limited to the changing rooms. We have already had some experience in this in recent weeks, because there are already local mayors who have closed the changing rooms.”

“The clubs occasionally took a creative approach: I even heard a story of a team changing in the home of the local chairman. At the decision now, it was urged not to use it so creatively. It cannot be the intention that the players are going to change clothes in the secretariat, for example. Then you are going to move the problem. “

Van Craen sees a difference in level: “Playing a game of 1st National without changing rooms or of young youth, those are 2 other cases. The aspect of the weather will also play a role. When the weather is good, it is easier said and done than when there are gusts. “

“We are going to list all these matters this afternoon. Maybe we will find a solution and we can give creative advice to our clubs.”

The termination of the competition is not a taboo. “If we determine that it is somehow irresponsible and that there are too many negative factors, then we may have to make a drastic decision. We will consider it in peace.”

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