Vmbo schools want to cancel exams: ‘Delays due to corona cannot be made up’ | Inland

VMBO students are at risk of having to take exams that they are not equipped for due to corona. Pupils of the vocational pre-vocational secondary education (basic and management) courses missed about thirteen weeks of practical lessons before the summer holidays. Although they were sometimes given a practical assignment at home, most of the material was not covered.

Vmbo schools cannot guarantee that the current exam candidates will complete all practical subjects on time. There are more than 90,000 students in the upper years of VMBO Basic and Framework. The VMBO schools are very concerned about the exam candidates. “Half of the teaching time is for practical subjects. If we have to take central practical exams in April, we can’t catch up, ”says Jan van Nierop, chairman of the Platforms Vmbo Foundation (SPV).

The schools hope that the central practical exam will be canceled. Then they can continue with the practical subjects after the central written exam for the theory subjects.

Slimmed down practical exam

As far as sector organization VO council is concerned, a slimmed-down central practical exam is also an option. “It is important to us that we can give the students as many skills as possible. The time available should be spent learning as much as possible, ”said Paul Rosenmöller, Chairman of the VO Council. The schools are now charting the backlog. Based on this, the examination must be adjusted.


It is important to us that we can give the students as many skills as possible. The time available should be spent learning as much as possible

Paul Rosenmöller, VO Council

There are talks with the Ministry of Education, but according to Rosenmöller these are ‘difficult’. “The ministry is afraid that if they admit one finger, there will be a dent in the rest of the central exam. But if you look purely at the consequences of corona, these VMBO students have really had less lessons. Soon they will have to take the same exam with less lessons. ”


The Ministry of Education states that the central practical exam will continue as usual. Schools are however given extra time to administer the exams. “We understand that given the current circumstances it can be difficult for schools to organize preparations for the practical exams and to make up for any backlogs,” said a spokesman.

Schools say that they only win a few weeks. The millions of euros that the ministry set aside for extra apprenticeship time is also insufficient. “We need our practical teachers for those lessons. You can hardly let it run for many extra hours, ”explains Van Nierop.

Read below how pre-vocational secondary school Teylingen College KTS in Voorhout tries to update the students.

Sven Beekman (l) and Michiel Gravesteijn follow the optional course catering and learn to prepare professional meals. A mouth mask is mandatory during the lessons. © Marco De Swart

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