Vloggers film in cellar Dutroux ‘to bring horror to the attention’

Two vloggers have posted a video online that shows how they penetrate the former home of the Belgian child murderer Marc Dutroux. Among other things, they filmed in the basement where two of his victims died.

In the video you can see how the two men penetrate the garage in the house in Marcinelle and descend to the shelter. The film lasts about fifteen minutes. The two made the recordings in their own words to prevent Dutroux from ever being released.

The images lead to indignation in Belgium. Dutroux was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2004 for kidnapping, detaining and sexually abusing six girls in 1995 and 1996 and killing four of them. In Belgium the case is still a national trauma.

“Not shockingly intended”

The makers – who caused a fuss a few years ago by invading the Charleroi Palace of Justice – say the video is not meant to shock. “We wanted to draw attention to the horror again and to help prevent Dutroux from ever being released”, say Valentino Provenzano and Nouchka Lévêque on Facebook.

Against the newspaper La Province Provenzano says he and Lévêque are not disrespectful of victims and relatives. “In retrospect, I can understand that it should not be easy for them to see those places again,” he says. “If they ask, I will immediately remove the video. And apologize if necessary.”

View a look back at the Dutroux case here:

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