Vlog Z Fold4, here are 3 tips to create interesting Vlog content during the holidays

Preparing from start to finish to create interesting vlog content using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G

The long-awaited end-of-year holiday is upon us, it is understandable that there was no red date last November. For those who want to create content video blogs What is interesting on vacation, of course, requires careful preparation. Included itinerary o a clear itinerary e smartphones with a sophisticated camera like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G.

Wait a minute, why choose the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G? Don’t forget, there are two keywords that Samsung keeps repeating foldable smartphone the latter, namely productive and creative. Then, we will dig further into the creative side of the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G to build vlogs be interesting content during the holidays.

1. Catat Ide & Bikini Shot List

In terms of preparation, tips for making video blogs The former is more fun, what kind of concept or theme is brought up. Then create a video structure, put information in the video and then create it hit list.

On the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G, this preparation can be done more easily. When you do searches, for example, you can multitasking comfortably using the Flex mode. Fold the screen to a 115-degree angle like you’re using a laptop, the top screen can be used to find references, and the bottom screen is for intuitive notes on Samsung Notes with the help of the S Pen.

2. More ways to make vlogging

During development video blogsthere are two types movie which must be taken to strengthen the story. First One roll or movie such as when speaking directly in front of the camera, during filming B-roll is movie as well as clearly displaying the sights of the destination you are visiting.

For A-roll footage, if conditions allow, you can unfold the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G and use the rear camera for maximum video quality. You can use the 50MP main camera equipped with OIS forvideo blogs constantly while walking or using the camera ultrawide 12MP while showing wallpaper.

A more practical way is simply to use selfie with rear camera 10MP located at cover screenand it already supports 4K video recording up to 60fps. Meanwhile, B-roll footage can be shot easily using the rear camera and relying on the coverage screen as a preview like on a smartphone in general.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the camera telephoto 10MP with 3x capacity optical zoom to get type I shoot which is more varied. Also try different modes including Nightography, Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Slow motionetc.

3. Intuitive video editing with S Pen

The holidays do not mean that we are not productive, we can take advantage of the wait or free time to edit the contents. 7.6 inch main screen, support S Pen and chipset Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 lets you edit content video blogs comfortably, precisely and in the most creative way possible directly from the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G.

There are several video editing applications like Adobe Premiere Pro on PC, such as CapCut and Inshot which are multi-layered. With the help of S Pen, the video editing process is much more efficient because it allows you to trim videos (cut/split), change the speed, add animations, filters and so on with precision.

No need to wait until the working day or edit later and even forget why you are busy. Activities vlogs what was fun during your vacation can be changed directly in the content video blogs interesting and uploaded soon. Interested in taking a vacation with the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G? Get it now at IDR 24,999,000 (12GB/256GB), IDR 26,999,000 (12GB/512GB) and IDR 30,999,000 (12GB/1TB) in a choice of colors Grey-green, Phantom Black, BeigeAnd Burgundy.

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