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The popular choreographer has published an archive photo from the first season of “Dances with Stars”. The photo was taken in 2006, it made the followers laugh and caused a feeling of nostalgia

The choreographer recalled the times of his participation in “Dancing with the Stars”. / Photo: instagram.com/vladyama_official

Bye viewers watch the eighth season of “Dancing with the Stars”, where there are only three pairs left, the project judge Vlad Yama decided to recall the time when he himself was a participant and performed in a duet with Natalia Mogilevskaya.

The choreographer showed a rare photo that had not been previously published in Instagram… With them he congratulated the workers of radio and television on their professional holiday. By the way, Yama himself has been working in entertainment shows for more than 10 years.

Congratulations on the Day of the Worker of Radio, Television and Communications of Ukraine! My professional holiday is also coming out. In the photo the year 2006, the beginning of the era of big entertainment shows in our country. Whom did you recognize? – the artist signed the publication.

Vlad Yama showed a rare photo with young stars in 2006.

Vlad Yama showed a rare photo with young stars in 2006. / Photo: instagram.com/vladyama_official

By the way, the shot was taken on the set of the first season of the dance project, where the current president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and Vlad Yama fought in the final for the first place.

The picture shows the partners of Zelensky and Yama – dancer Elena Shoptenko and singer Natalia Mogilevskaya. Also shown in the photo: TV presenter Ruslana Pisanka with partner Nikolay Kovalenko and artist Vitaly Kozlovsky as Captain Jack Sparrow.

All the stars are still very young and funny. They smile sincerely in anticipation of the bright live broadcasts of the show.

Recall that then Zelensky together with Shoptenko won, and Mogilevskaya and Yama took second place. Top 3 projects were closed by Kozlovsky with partner Ksenia Gorb.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

The first season of the iconic show was released in 2006, and this year, on November 26, its final release will celebrate 15th anniversary!

The fans were amused by this picture. They called that line-up of the show the strongest and most interesting in the history of “Dances with stars”:

  • We recognized everyone! Cool photo! It was a very exciting show! The whole family was rooting for you and Natasha!
  • This is dancing -?.
  • Best season ever, in my opinion☺
  • Oh, there was a time!
  • Only Johnny Depp found out)
  • All handsome.
  • What are funny)
  • God, what a great time those were)
  • What young ones!
  • Everyone and Jack Sparrow)
  • This photo is like an age test. If everyone is recognized, then it seems like it’s time to get up at five in the morning and go with a little tram to the clinic for no reason.
  • Mr. President is present here)
Photo: Instagram screenshot / vladyama_official

Attention should be paid to the quality of the photo. Agree, then it was not in the best condition, but now with modern technology – photographs look much more effective. What tools should be used – read here.

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