Vlaams Belang and N-VA on the way to Flemish majority

Vlaams Belang remains the most popular party in Flanders. This is evident from the Large Poll of Het Laatste Nieuws, VTM Nieuws, RTL and Le Soir. N-VA is also growing again compared to the previous poll, as a result of which the two Flemish nationalist parties in Flanders are heading for a joint majority. The Vivaldi parties, with the exception of sp.a.

The Grote Peiling took a while, but is now there anyway. This shows that the two Flemish nationalist parties Vlaams Belang and N-VA are by far the most popular in Flanders. Today 27.1% of the Flemish would vote for Vlaams Belang, over 22% for N-VA. Vlaams Belang has already been the largest party for several polls in a row.

“We are of course very happy with that”, says Vlaams Belang chairman Tom Van Greeks. “It is now the third or fourth time in a row that we are clearly the largest party and that together with N-VA we form a Flemish majority. That opens up perspectives for 2024. A vote for Vlaams Belang will not be a lost vote. ”

That does indeed open perspectives for 2024, when the next elections are scheduled. In percentage terms, Vlaams Belang and N-VA already reach 49.3%, which is a majority in seats. The two Flemish nationalist parties are therefore heading towards a majority together at the Flemish level.

Vivaldi loses

There is less good news for the Vivaldi parties. Except for sp.a, all parties that have joined the federal government are losing popularity. Open Vld and CD&V are between 10% and 11%, while they reached 13.5 and 14.2% respectively in last year’s elections. Sp.a becomes the third largest party with 13.7%.

Green also drops to barely 7.6% and is therefore not far above the electoral threshold of 5%. In the May 2019 elections, they still achieved about 10%. “This is not a good poll”, admits chairman Meyrem Almaci.

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