“Vizhinjam will overtake Dubai, face of Kerala will change, UDF shouldn’t blame him”

Thiruvananthapuram: MLA Saji Cherian said that Vizhinjam Port, which is being talked about in international media, will generate economic revenues that will surpass Dubai. He said the UDF should not jeopardize the government’s efforts to resolve the strike. Saji Cherian’s remarks were in response to an urgent resolution moved by UDF MLA M. Vincent to the Assembly concerning the port of Vizhinjam.

Saji Cherian asked if Congress had a consistent decision on whether or not to stop construction of the port. UDF leaders say all environmental clearances were obtained during their time. Then Minister K. said that it was clear from the study that no significant coastal erosion would occur due to the construction of the port. Babu said in the assembly. LDF has no role in this. During the UPA regime, the UDF government completed all steps and gave permission. The UDF also brought in Adani. Saji Cherian said that all permits have been granted and all obligations have been imposed on the Left Front.

LDF has always had the same stand. The port was and still is welcome. The UDF takes an anti-development stance. What we have underlined is whether there is corruption in the agreement with Adani. Our position was that the government should carry out the construction of the port itself. Saji Cherian said that it was the LDF that tried to implement all the popular aspects of the Vizhinjam project.

This government has held many discussions. The discussion is about a problem. There are reasons to say that port construction cannot be stopped. More importantly, the port of Vizhinjam is only 10 nautical miles away from the international sea route. There will be a huge leap in the economic field of Kerala. It will become a port with higher financial revenues than ports including Dubai. In Dubai the container is transported by moving land from the sea. Vizhinjam doesn’t need it. This is a project that will bring us benefits on an international scale. Vizhinjam is a port that the world media are also discussing with great importance. The UDF opposes it because it will change the face of the country. It’s not that you lack sincerity. There is an imperfect thought that should be in our time.

115 years ago there were discussions about the port of Vizhinjam. There are great forces at work to keep this port from getting here. What you have to say now is whether or not to stop the construction of the port.

As part of the project, planning permission was granted for 194 apartments on 2.94 acres of land to rehabilitate people by providing homes and land. Vincent knows that due to a territorial dispute it went bankrupt. It’s a local community problem. It can only be resolved by mature discussion. If we had found a solution, we could have given a home to the families who live in the warehouse. Why is MLA M. Saji Cherian also asked why Vincent didn’t take the initiative to fix the problem.

The government will implement the plan in time if six of the seven requirements are approved. We accepted part of the seventh request. It is hoped that Latin Church officials and the strike committee will step forward to resolve this strike. Saji Cherian added that the request to the UDF is not to interfere with it.

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