Vivo Y12i Prices and Specifications, Recommended 1 Million HP with 3GB RAM Battery Capacity – Vivo is one of the most sought after cellphones, in addition to several other brands such as Realme, Oppo and Samsung.

Moreover, Vivo has products with price 1 million that is Alive Y12i.

HP with a spec of 1 million is one of Vivo’s advantages. With price which is not too high, Vivo is able to reach all groups.

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Only with a budget of around Rp. 1,899,000 you can already get Alive Y12i.

But keep in mind, price HP tends to change since it was first issued including Alive Y12i.

Even with a minimal budget, Alive Y12i not inferior to similar HP with different brands.

Reported from the official Vivo website, here specification complete Alive Y12i.

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