Vivo shows the display of the V20 | – Vivo has now revealed the design of the V20 smartphone. According to Vivo, this new smartphone has a thin smartphone design and fresh and stylish colors.

“We are ready to bring the V20 and V20 SE to the market with various sophisticated specifications, especially on the front camera and in a new, sleek and elegant appearance,” said Edy Kusuma, Senior Brand Director of Vivo Indonesia, in an official statement. on Thursday (17 September).

The Vivo V20 is equipped with an innovative 44MP Eye autofocus front camera. The front camera function of this smartphone has an eye tracking function that can be used to track the user’s movement with the focus point in the eye.

In addition, the front camera of this smartphone supports 4K selfie videos. Because of this, this device is capable of recording vlogging videos with detailed video quality.

This smartphone is available in two color choices: Midnight Jazz and Sunset Melody. Vivo V20 also has a light weight and has a thin body so it is comfortable to hold.

Apart from the V20, Vivo also confirmed that it would show off the V20 SE. Confirmation of the presence of the V20 series was announced some time ago through a teaser video on the company’s official social media account.

Definitely present in Indonesia

Edy Kusuma, Senior Brand Director of Vivo Indonesia, said that his party was very happy to confirm the presence of this Vivo V20.

“Vivo V20 and V20 SE will be innovated and refined with the best smartphone capabilities to support consumer activities,” he said.

In the shared teaser, the Vivo V20 has a 44 megapixel front camera with eye autofocus. This front camera also has eye tracking support that can detect eyes and faces even when the user is moving. So, the photos and videos are claimed to be clearer and stay focused.

“Apart from the advantages of the front camera, there are many other surprises offered by the Vivo V20 and V20 SE, so look forward to more surprises regarding this latest product in the near future,” concluded Edy.


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