Vivo Confirms X50 Series Presence in Indonesia

vivo-konfirmasi-kehadiran-x50-series-di-indonesia.png – Vivo officially confirmed that the Vivo X50 Series will be present completing the first line of professional photography flagship smartphone lines from Vivo Indonesia. Please note, this Vivo X50 Series, adopts the Gimbal Stabilization Technology camera technology from Vivo Indonesia.

“With the latest features and technologies and premium innovations, the presence of the Vivo X50 Series will be a milestone for the development of Vivo technology in Indonesia. The flagship technology is Gimbal Stabilization where the X50 Series will be the first smartphone to bring this technology from Vivo Indonesia,” said Product Vivo Indonesia Manager, Hadie Mandala in his press statement, Monday (6/7).

Hadie said, Gimbal Stabilization technology embedded in the main camera of the Vivo X50 Pro will enhance the function of traditional optical image stabilization (OIS) which was previously an additional mechanical device to support the performance of a camera ..

“This Gimbal Stabilization built-in technology will allow users no longer need to add other tools to produce a more stable and smoother camera shot, such as a tripod, monopod, or stabilizer to stabilize the image. The technical details of this Gimbal Stabilization technology will certainly be revealed in more depth when launching the Vivo X50 Series later, “he explained.

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Through this camera technology will bring consumers to the next level of pro photography experience and is predicted to become a trend in the smartphone industry in the future.

For additional information, the Vvo X50 Series has a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) certificate from the Indonesian Ministry of Industry with a TKDN value in the range of 32.66% to 33.57%.

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