Vittorio Sgarbi against Franceska Pepe: “Nothing happened between us because you make me sick”

Before entering the “Big Brother Vip“stated that he had an affair with Vittorio Sgarbi lasted only seven hours, and then denied everything. IS Franceska Pepe that to “Live – It is not the d’Urso“denied the art critic who stated that the two would kiss.

“We had dinner together, but nothing happened between us not even a kiss“, explains the model but Sgarbi disagrees and soon explodes.”We were locked in the bathroom together for 15 minutes“screams the art critic who also states that there would have been a kiss between them. But Franceska is categorical and denies everything to the point that the art critic loses his temper and offends the former gieffina.” nothing happened because you make me sick “, Sgarbi declares, but Pepe immediately replies:” You make me sick “.


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