Vitrenko: We extract gas more expensive than we sell

Photo: Naftogaz

Naftogaz promises to soon name the cost of gas production

The head of Naftogaz denies the statement of the executive director of NJSC that the cost of gas production is 1 hryvnia.

The cost of gas production for Naftogaz is higher than the price of its sale, said the head of the company Yuriy Vitrenko on Wednesday, September 22.

He made such a statement after the executive director of the NAC group Otto Waterlander said that the cost price is 1 hryvnia per cubic meter of gas.

“Naftogaz systematically spends more real money on gas production than it receives from the sale of the produced gas,” Vitrenko wrote in Facebook.

According to him, this difference has always been covered by receipts from transit or by loans.

“Even in financial statements, the operating cost is several times higher. And the operating cost is not the full cost, it is only a part,” says Vitrenko.

The cost of gas production in Naftogaz is promised to be disclosed in the report for the first half of the year, which will soon be completed.

Earlier, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said that in Ukraine produces about 13 billion cubic meters of gas per year, which is almost enough for the needs of the population.

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