Vitamin D Turns Out to Reduce Belly Fat

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Good news for those of you who have always been concerned about waist size. Mentioned that vitamin D not only good for bones and teeth, but also an important ingredient for reducing belly fat.

Quoting the Times of India, Friday (21/8/2020), in a presentation at the European Society of Endocrinology in Barcelona, ​​researchers revealed that people with vitamin D those who are low in tend to have more belly fat.

In their research, researchers involved 7,000 people in the Dutch Obesity Epidemiology. The data is then scrutinized, and it comes to the conclusion that people with belly fat many tend to get intake vitamin D low.

Deficiency vitamin D apparently it can cause a distended stomach, although it is not certain, but the two are related. Meanwhile, other studies also report the same thing, because vitamin D very important for the body’s metabolism.

So far, as we know, sunlight is the only source vitamin D. But the fact is not like that. Sunlight is the source vitamin D the best. Other sources can be obtained from food, although not as much sunlight, such as okra, spinach, soybeans, white beans, sardines, and salmon.

Quoting Alo Dokter, apart from sunlight, several other foods can also help meet intake vitamin D, such as salmon, tuna, egg yolks, and mushrooms.

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