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The American Medical Association Journal JAMA recently (2021-2-17) published two papers on the use of vitamin D in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia. One is a clinical study, and the other is an editorial review of JAMA journal.

The title of the clinical research paper is Effect of a Single High Dose of Vitamin D3 on Hospital Length of Stay in Patients With Moderate to Severe COVID-19 ).

The title of that editorial comment is Vitamin D3 to Treat COVID-19: Different Disease, Same Answer. (Vitamin D3 to Treat COVID-19: Different Diseases, Same Answer).

That clinical trial randomly assigned 240 patients with new coronary pneumonia into two groups, one group taking a placebo and the other taking 200,000 units of vitamin D3. The blood vitamin D concentration of the placebo group was maintained at about 20, while the vitamin D group rose from about 20 to about 44.

However, even though the vitamin D levels of the two groups are so different, they are not different in the following items, including (1) length of hospitalization, (2) mortality during hospitalization, (3) transfer to intensive care unit And (4) the number of people who need to use mechanical respirators. Therefore, the conclusion of this paper is that it does not support the use of high-dose vitamin D3 to treat patients with moderate to severe new coronary pneumonia.

●The editorial comment roughly says this:

A large number of studies have found that low vitamin D blood levels are associated with many diseases, including new coronary pneumonia. Therefore, many doctors and medical experts are excited about using vitamin D to prevent or treat various diseases. However, over and over again, countless experiments have found that taking vitamin D supplements cannot prevent or treat any diseases.

Since many studies have found that vitamin D has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects, since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, many doctors and medical experts have once again been interested in using vitamin D supplements to prevent or treat new coronary pneumonia. However, this clinical trial once again showed that taking vitamin D supplements will not improve the condition of new coronary pneumonia.

That’s why this editorial review will use the title “Different Diseases, Same Answer”.

Note 1: I just published two days ago that zinc, vitamin C, and D can treat new coronary pneumonia. I pointed out that the latest study found that neither zinc nor vitamin C supplements can improve the condition of new coronary pneumonia. I used other supplements earlier Research also ended in failure.

Note 2: Although there are a lot of research reports and rumors of small flowers, the only drug that is currently proven to prevent new coronary pneumonia is a vaccine, and the drugs that can alleviate the symptoms of new coronary pneumonia are remdesivir, cortisone, and antibodies. (Editor Liang Huiming)

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