Vitamin D can negatively affect the course of the coronavirus


It is known that the “solar” vitamin is synthesized in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and strengthens the immune system. British scientists were able to prove its effectiveness in the treatment of coronavirus infection.

However, as noted by the head of the applied phytovirology sector of the Moscow State University. Lomonosov Nikolay Nikitin, when taking vitamin D, you need to take into account some of the nuances. He explained that the positive effect is observed only in patients with a deficiency of the substance, and its overabundance may, on the contrary, increase the risk of complications.

The head physician of the private ambulance service Lev Averbakh also warned about the danger of uncontrolled intake of vitamin D. The specialist clarified that vitamin complexes are taken only as prescribed by a doctor based on the results of a blood test. He recalled that you can get the vitamin when you are in the sun. The doctor recommended to include in the diet such foods as cod liver, oily varieties of marine fish, mushrooms, beef liver, cheese and egg yolk to fill the deficit.

An excess of vitamin D can provoke the appearance of kidney stones, warned allergist Vladimir Bolibok. He clarified that taking vitamins does not protect against infections. The specialist called sunbathing in combination with the consumption of oily fish more effective.


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