Visa share: credit card company with an international payment network

Visa share – company and business model

Visa Inc. maintains a technology solution that enables banks to issue credit, debit and prepaid cards. The company was founded in 1970 as a banking consortium and the name Visa has been in use since 1976. The US company has its headquarters in San Francisco (California).

The VisaNet network authorizes payments made, for example, at card terminals or online with Visa solutions, and handles clearing and settlement as well as, if necessary, exchanges between the currencies involved. The system also includes the Plus ATM network.

The business model is mainly based on fees for data processing operations in payment processing as well as for services for the partner banks.

Additional income is generated from currency exchange and cross-border transactions, as well as services outside of the core business.

View Stock – Stock Exchange History

The main trading place for the Visa share is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the ticker symbol ā€œVā€ is used. At the IPO in March 2008, Visa achieved an issue price of US $ 44 and sold 406 million shares for approximately US $ 17.9 billion. Up until then, this was the world’s second largest IPO.

After the stock market debut, the share price initially moved slightly downwards as a consequence of the ongoing global economic crisis. However, it recovered quickly and a sustained upward movement developed.

The market capitalization in US dollars is in the mid three-digit billion range, making the Visa share a larger large-cap stock. The security is listed in the Dow Jones Industrial 30 and S&P 500 stock indices.



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