Virtual runners bring in over 23,000 euros

“Doing good on an ongoing basis” has always been the focus of the sports marketing agency n plus sport GmbH from Saarbrücken. With nine company runs, two women’s runs and the City Biathlon Wiesbaden, many additional hurdles had to be overcome with the 2020 corona pandemic, concepts revised and working hours reduced.

Nonetheless, the young team of sports enthusiasts did not allow themselves to be demotivated and so all twelve major events could be implemented, some digitally, some live – of course under adapted framework conditions and with new concepts.

Almost 1,000 virtual runners took part in the ZF company run in Friedrichshafen this year. “In a normal event year we would have expected up to 45,000 participants in all of our running events, and thousands of spectators would have cheered the athletes and Olympic stars in the stands and along the route at the City Biathlon in Wiesbaden. With a heavy heart we had to forego all of that this year, ”says Ralf Niedermeier, managing director of the agency. “The current situation is not an easy one. The corona pandemic and its effects will keep us busy and with us for a long time. However, we are very happy that we did hold our events this year ”, added Niedermeier optimistically.

Since the beginning of the company run history at n plus sport, the topic of “charity” has also been the focus of event organization. “Since then, we have always wanted to give a part back with our charity part. We donate to regional associations and their youth work, partly to social and charitable institutions. As a participant and participating company, you are not only doing something good for yourself and your health by doing sport, but also showing the “flag” for social issues in the region and beyond “, says Anton Wolf, also managing director of n plus sport.

In the past few years, one euro was put into the donation pot for each participant – this year the n plus team decided to donate half of the entry fee for the virtual runs to a good cause. Despite the corona pandemic and slumps in the number of participants, the agency n plus sport GmbH achieved a total donation amount of almost 23,000 euros. Part of the regional donation went to the “Klinik-Clowns” project of the Liebenau Foundation from Meckenbeuren-Liebenau. As with so much this year, the donation handover also took place virtually. The donation check was ceremoniously presented to Andrea Biberger, Communication and Marketing Department.

The child and adolescent psychiatry of the St. Lukas Clinic of the Liebenau Foundation is already delighted: According to the motto “Laughter is the best medicine”, it will use the donation for so-called “clown visits”. “Humor promotes both physical and mental health processes. It can help to stabilize the mental balance, creates distance from fear and suffering and ultimately humor has a relaxing effect. This is exactly what professional clinic clowns make use of when they visit small and large patients in hospitals and homes, ”explains Andrea Biberger. “We are very happy that we can support this regional project with part of the donation and hope that the clinic clowns can put a smile on the faces of many children,” said Nina Körner happily.

Across all company run events of n plus sport, the donation total of over 18,000 euros went to the charity partner of the Plan International Germany agency. It is active as a non-profit children’s aid organization in more than 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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