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TVN and TVN24, Onet and WP invited Andrzej Duda and Rafał Trzaskowski to debate before the presidential election 2020. Only the candidate KO confirmed his participation. The staff of the head of state refused to participate in the talks and informed that their candidate would not take part in the debate.

TVN, TVN24, Onet and WP invited staffs of presidential candidates for joint debate. We believed that such an independent debate, broadcast in traditional and online media, would help millions of our viewers and users make an informed and responsible decision in the second round of presidential elections.

We have done everything to ensure that the planned debate is as democratic as possible, transparent, not favoring any of the candidates, and at the same time organized for the first time in a way that made it possible to watch it both on television and on the Internet by virtually every citizen of Poland and every voter among Poles.

The invitation to the debate was also an invitation to the staffs to discuss all its details and principles. Unfortunately, the staff of Andrzej Duda refused to participate in these talks and finally informed us that their candidate would not take part in the debate. Thus, we regret to inform you that tomorrow’s debate cannot take place.


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