Virtual corona patient trains nurses for corona ward

Nurses at the Máxima Medical Center are trained in a special way to be able to work in the corona department: they learn to recognize corona symptoms in a short time with special virtual reality glasses and to respond adequately.

A special pair of glasses, the HoloLens from Microsoft, shows three-dimensional holograms on top of the real world. For example, a 3D patient can be projected onto a hospital bed in the training for nurses. Lifelike, as if there is an ordinary patient in bed.

Cough and breathlessness

The training starts when the patient with complaints appears virtually in the hospital. It is not yet known whether he is infected with corona. The nurse sees through the glasses that the complaints are gradually increasing: the patient coughs, becomes short of breath and short of breath.

Various values ​​appear on the screen next to the patient, such as oxygen content, temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. The nurse can walk around and even move the virtual patient. In this way, the nurse learns to recognize common symptoms of the virus, to assess patients and to receive signals that indicate a worsening health situation. Ultimately, the patient must be transferred to intensive care.

Heart attack

Because the number of corona patients in the hospital is increasing rapidly, more and more nurses are also needed to assist. With this so-called scenario training they can learn a lot about the clinical picture in a short time. The sixteen nurses who now have experience with it are very enthusiastic. The intention is to soon also use the technique to provide education about other conditions such as a heart attack, stroke or a broken hip.

The Máxima Medical Center borrows the HoloLens from ‘neighbor’ ASML. At the chip machine maker, they use it to support ASML engineers from a great distance when they work on the machines at customers in Asia or America.

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