Virginia Martinez’s Emotional Farewell Concerts in Murcia and Cartagena with the Regional Orchestra

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Virginia Martínez says goodbye in style to Murcia and CartagenaJuan Carlos Caval

The ‘Symphonic Cycle’ by Víctor Villegas comes to an end tonight and, with it, the stage of the director Virginia Martínez at the head of the resident orchestra of the Regional Auditorium, the ÖSRM. This weekend –on Sunday– the concerts of the Murcian group will also conclude in Cartagena, a city from which the Molinense will also say goodbye from the stage. After these two, only one performance would remain until the one who has been a benchmark and visible face of the project for the last ten years definitively gives up the baton: the one on the 23rd on the stage of the Infanta Elena de Águilas –another of her favorite venues– and on the occasion of the closing of the Promúsica course.

Therefore, the concerts that the Murcia Region Symphony Orchestra will offer this weekend will be particularly emotional and very special in which Martínez will conduct his musicians for the penultimate time with La canción de la Tierra, by Gustav Mahler, on the music stands . It is one of the last works written by the bohemian composer; a piece in the form of a symphony with a German libretto and based on Chinese poems by Li Bai –also known as Li Tai-Po–, a famous wandering poet of the Tang Dynasty, and Mong Kao-Yen and Wang Wei, with several lines added by Mahler himself.

Mahler, who due to his own life circumstances was already beginning to glimpse his death in the days in which he created this score, called this work ‘a symphony for tenor, alto (or baritone) and orchestra’, without assigning it a number, because he was of the opinion that no one should surpass Beethoven’s total of nine symphonies, and that if he defied fate, he would be hastening his own demise, just as Bruckner did with his ‘unfinished’ Ninth.

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Thus, to face this musical challenge, the Symphony will receive on the stages of Murcia and Cartagena the well-known baritone from Lorquí José Antonio López and the English tenor William Wallace, to give even more tie if possible to the concert and the farewell of the conductor, who It will officially start at 8:00 p.m. –in both cases–, when the musicians take the stage. However, as usual, Martínez will offer a pre-concert talk at Villegas and El Batel –at 7:15 p.m.– in which he will delve into the details of the conception and interpretation of the program that attendees will be able to enjoy below.

Tickets are on sale at the ticket offices of the respective auditoriums, as well as on their websites and on the online sales platform They can also be reserved by phone 968 343 080 (those in Murcia), and the price in the Segura capital will be 12 or 20 euros depending on location (those in Cartagena have a unified cost of 12 euros). At the moment, the public response is being consistent with the magnitude of the appointment.

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