Virginia Giuffre’s lawyer says she’s not considering a plea deal with Prince Andrew in sexual assault trial

Giuffre claims financier Jeffrey Epstein trafficked her for sex with powerful people, including Prince Andrew, when she was 17. (Eliot Press/The Grosby Group)

It is unlikely that the accuser of the Duke of York, Virginia Giuffre, accept a “purely financial agreement” to end your civil lawsuit against british royalty for sexual abuse, said his lawyer this Thursday to British media.

Lawyer David Boyes made these statements after a US judge rejects Prince Andrew’s motion, son of Queen Elizabeth, to have the civil case against him dismissed, paving the way for a possible civil trial in the fall.

Legal experts say one way to avoid trial for Andrew, 61, would be to settle out of court with Giuffre, 38, who claims the financier Jeffrey Epstein he trafficked her for sex with powerful people, including Prince Andrew, when she was 17. Andrew has always denied the allegations.

Boies said: “I think it’s very important to Virginia Giuffre that this matter be resolved in a way that vindicates her and the other victims.”.

“I don’t think she has a strong opinion right now., nor could I, as to what exactly the resolution should be. But I think what is going to be important is that this resolution vindicates her and vindicates the statement that she has made,” he told the show. Newsnight from BBC.

Boyes said that there had been no suggestions for deal discussions at this time. He said that before presenting the case they had “contacted” Andrew and the prince’s lawyers and suggested mediation, but “there was no interest in that at the time”.

“Whether or not that has changed, I think we’ll just have to wait and see.” He said..

The lawyer added: “A purely financial deal is not something I think she would [Giuffre] be interested”.

After the decision of the American justice to reject the request of the prince to dismiss the complaint of sexual assaults, Andrew faces the prospect of Giuffre giving a detailed report in court.

The lawsuit that Giuffre filed in New York in August 2021 was “sexual assaults” that would have been perpetrated in 2001 in London, New York and the virgin islands Americans, residences of sexual predators Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, friends of the prince.

Andrew was one of the many powerful friends of Maxwell and Epstein (REUTERS)
Andrew was one of the many powerful friends of Maxwell and Epstein (REUTERS)

If all of Andrés’ appeals against Giuffre’s lawsuit fail, a civil proceeding could take place “between September and December” of this year, Judge Kaplan said in the fall of 2021.

Boies said the judge’s ruling was “an important step” in moving toward any trial.

“However, it is only one step and there are many more steps to be taken,” he said. The next thing would be the practice of tests, and they were already in the phase of exchanging documents, he said.

He said that Andrew had made many statements in his interview of Newsnight of 2019, considered “disastrous” by all observers, “which you will have to try to support in your statement.”

Andrew’s approach had been “deny, deny, deny, blame Virginia, criticize her, attack her character, her moral credibility, and we’ll see how that all plays out when she’s under oath.”Boyes said.

Boies also said he thought the chances of the case going to trial were good, although he was silent on the possibility of Andrew appearing in person.

“Whether he comes forward himself or just his lawyers, it’s partly up to him and partly up to the court.. In a civil case it is not always necessary for the defendant to be present when the trial takes place. It’s usually advisable because it’s often hard to defend yourself when you’re absent,” he said.

Giuffre with his lawyer David Boies (REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton / file)
Giuffre with his lawyer David Boies (REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton / file)

Andrew has three main options: ignore the demand, which is your right; engage with the American legal system to defend against the accusations, or attempt to settle out of court with Giuffre. If you ignore civil procedures, a default judgment would be entered in Giuffre’s favor.

At first, the lawsuit cannot be converted into criminal proceedings for sexual crimes, but nothing prevents US prosecutors from initiating criminal prosecutions against Andrés in the future if they believe he could have committed a crime.

But, for former prosecutor Roger Canaff, eventual criminal prosecutions for “sexual assault” would have no “legal basis” for US federal justice, and would be prescribed in the state of New York.

In addition, even if the British royal prince does not have diplomatic immunity according to the press, American jurists estimate that it would be very difficult to extradite him to the United States for trial.

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