Viral Woman Cancels Marriage 3 Weeks Before D-Day, The Cause Makes It Painful


This woman’s dream to wear a dream wedding dress suddenly vanished because of the cancellation of the marriage. And what was even more stifling, she canceled the marriage because her future husband suddenly resigned three weeks before the D-Day and when the Rp 27 million wedding dress was ready.

The story of the woman who canceled the marriage went viral after a fashion designer recorded the moment when the bride and groom who had canceled their wedding were fitting a dress in his boutique. The woman’s name is Nor Amalia Mohd Ramli. He visited a boutique located in Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia. Video of Amalia being fitted and a photo session uploaded to TikTok.

When contacted by Mstar, the woman who is familiarly called Ami told the story of her love that was not married. He revealed that he should have held a wedding ceremony on May 22, 2022.



“I should have married after Eid as planned. All preparations are complete. My wedding clothes and my partner are ready. But what do I want to do? My husband-to-be cancels the wedding three weeks before the wedding,” said Ami.


Ami said her future husband suddenly came and told her that she had no feelings to continue the relationship. “While all the preparations are complete. When he wants to cancel the marriage, there are only two days left before my birthday on May 1. The feeling at that time only God knows,” he said disappointedly.

This model and businessman initially admitted that it was difficult to accept the fact that his marriage was annulled. Because all the wedding preparations are complete. I was so hit, Ami’s weight dropped 5 kilograms.

The woman from Tanah Merah, Kelantan, Malaysia, was disappointed and hoped that her future husband, who she had only known for a few months, would change her mind and continue the wedding ceremony.

“I just met him. Before this, his attitude was very good and he seemed to really love me. I think he is serious, confident and can make me happy. But that is, the human heart can change,” he said resignedly.

Nor Amalia Mohd Ramli’s photo. Photo: Doc. master.

Ami previously did not hold a proposal and wanted to get married right away. “I was afraid of the exam after the application. Unexpectedly, the incident that I was afraid of happened,” continued Ami.

Even more heartbreaking, after the wedding was unilaterally annulled, Ami was forced to settle all the wedding matters that she had ordered, but had to cancel. However, for a wedding dress worth Rp. 27 million which has been finished, it is impossible to cancel it.

“I was forced to cancel all wedding preparations and orders including goodie bags. I also took care of the wedding dress myself, for the reception dress it was a dream dress, I will not sell it and will only keep it as a memory. The dress costs RM 8,000 or around Rp 27 million, ” he continued.

Nor Amalia Mohd Ramli's photo.Nor Amalia Mohd Ramli’s photo. Photo: Doc. master.

Ami began to accept sincerely the provisions of Allah SWT. He was also relieved that his relationship with his future husband’s family was still well established. And they want to pay for the wedding dress.

“Only at that time I asked him to help him finish all of this, at that time I was like a beggar asking him to take joint responsibility,” said Ami, who was reluctant to mention how much the loss would cost her.

The 27-year-old woman is traumatized and doesn’t want to meet another man in the near future. Ami gave permission for the fashion designer to tell her story on her TikTok account.

Nor Amalia Mohd Ramli's photo.Nor Amalia Mohd Ramli’s photo. Photo: Doc. master.

“The one who shot the TikTok video was the designer of the dress for my wedding, he was also sad. He knew I was the most excited person when he ordered his wedding dress. He was sad when I cried when I tried on the dress in the fitting room. I cried because I was wearing it. dream wedding dress without the people I love by my side,” she said.

According to Ami, she just wanted to wear a wedding dress and be taken home immediately. Ami remains grateful because there are family and close friends who come to strengthen her.

“My message to people out there, especially for those who intend to get married. Don’t play with your partner’s feelings, especially if you want to get married. Don’t make decisions for your own satisfaction without thinking about the feelings and self-esteem of others,” he concluded.


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