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Two young parents of U.S sparked a fun debate among fans of Pokémon in TikTok after filming your daughter making one of the most important decisions of her fledgling life: choosing one of the three Initial Pokémon.

The clip TikTok, shared by Ashley Bertrand (@ sonoma.mama) last March 5th, exceeded 3,000,000 views in less than three weeks and racked up a lot of comments for the little girl’s final choice.

It is known that, for people who grew up with this cultural phenomenon that encompasses video game, T.V. series and more, the kind of Pokémon that one chooses at the beginning of the games of the famous franchise has a great impact on the game itself and on what kind of person you are.

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In the pictures, the husband of Ashley place three stuffed animals Starter pokemon (Squirtle, Charmander Y Bulbasaur) in the rug. “The first big decision of your life today”, he is heard saying as he shows the toys to the child, commenting a bit about each one.

The baby of the video viral first showed interest in Squirtle, the Pokémon water type, but then he began to lean towards Charmander, fire type. In the end, like other great coaches who preceded her, she trusted her instincts and chose the first one mentioned.

While several users of TikTok questioned the decision of the little girl, among which was her own father who was “a little disappointed” that he did not choose Charmander, others – such as Ashley– they asked not to forget how cool it can be Bulbasaur. And you, which one would you have chosen?



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