Viral, Video “Mr DPR” Protests Omnibus Law, This Said MKD Page all – A TikTok video shows several women claiming to be “mistresses.” Mr. DPR“and protested the Omnibus Law, went viral on social media.

One of the video uploads was shared by the Twitter account @NetizenKardus on Friday (9/10/2020).

In his upload, there are six TikTok videos with similar narratives.

At the beginning of the video, a woman is seen carrying a bag while waving her hand to the camera.

“Brother DPR from my favorite yellow party, his omnibuslaw revision or I aduin to my brother’s wife, “ thus the information shown in the video.

As of this writing, the video has been viewed more than 264,000 times and has been liked more than 3,200 times.

What is the response from the Council of Honor Court (MKD) DPR RI?

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Regarding the virality of the video, contacted the Deputy Chairman of the MKD Trimedya Panjaitan.

Trimedya said, MKD in this case is passive or awaits the incoming reports first.

Because of this, the member of Commission III from the PDIP faction suggested that aggrieved parties report to the MKD.

“This information comes from a person whose identity we do not know, the truth is also unknown, how to contact him also does not know, so the position of the MKD is difficult to be pro-active,” said Trimedya.

“If the information is true and what he conveyed can be accounted for legally, please go to the women who claim to be mistresses to report to MKD, we are ready to accept it and follow up,” he added when contacted., Saturday (10/10/2020).

However, Trimedya also reminded that when reporting, the identity and supporting evidence data to be submitted to MKD must also be clear and strong.

If not, then the accusations addressed to the DPR members could be mere slander.

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Rated discrediting

Furthermore, Trimedya emphasized to all parties, including the women in the video, not to do anything to discredit the DPR after the crowd of the Omnibus Law. Work Creation Act.

“Don’t use this Omnibus Law to capitalize everything to discredit the DPR,” said Trimedya.

On the one hand, Trimedya suspects the circulation of the video was caused by certain parties who disagreed with the Job Creation Law which was passed by the DPR and the government.

As if the DPR and the government should bedowngrade.

“All of this seems to be an opening to discredit the DPR. The narrative is that the DPR is not right, after that it also discredits the government. Because the Job Creation Law was passed by the DPR together with the government, it is as if both of them must be downgrade, well not that too, “said Trimedya.

He is very supportive of anyone who feels disadvantaged, especially by members of the DPR, to report to the MKD.

Again, it must be based on sufficient evidence.

“If there is someone who dares to reveal it, this is interesting. For example, if there is a woman who has complete data and can be accounted for, we will process it,” said Trimedya.

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