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A video viral shared in TikTok has made thousands laugh at social networks. This is the curious birthday party that a teenager from Mexico. Because she was unable to have quarantined guests, her family placed all of her stuffed animals around the house to be the attendees of the celebration.

The scene is trend in countries like Spain and the United States, among others. As can be seen in the images, the minor’s parents had decorated the table with a cake, some sweets and drinks to share a small moment of joy with their daughter.

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Something that caught the user’s attention a lot is the song that can be heard in the background. “These are the mornings in the times of the covid”, is the modified lyrics of the well-known song that is used to celebrate the birthdays.

In addition, you can see how around the room the parents had placed all of their daughter’s stuffed animals, sitting as if they were the guests to the celebration. Each doll, sitting on a chair, pretends to be a companion for the girl.

There is no doubt that creativity in times of quarantine It is what is most rescued in recent months. Just as this family of Mexico, many others have resorted to fun ideas to keep celebrating an important day such as the birthday of their sons.

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He viral of TikTok It has more than 17,800 views, in addition to thousands of other comments and shares that show how much fun they had with this birthday party.

The hilarious comments did not wait for netizens, who, in addition to greeting the birthday girlThey showed their amazement at the dedication of their parents to continue the celebration even in the midst of quarantine.

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Young man celebrates his birthday in quarantine and decides to record funny parody [VIDEO]

A young man has become ‘famous’ in Facebook, after I decided to record a video viral where we see him parody his birthday in full quarantine. Thanks to the social networks, the images have become trend in Mexico, Spain and U.S, causing the laughter of thousands of users.

Due to the curfew, meetings are prohibited, so people who are in their forties are not allowed to invite their friends, coworkers, among others. They can only spend it as a family, unless they live alone.

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