Viral Tambal Tires Rp. 600 thousand, Workshop: It Is That Much the Price


Respond to photos viral patched tires with exorbitant prices, Dian Tubles workshop spoke up. The tire repair shop on Jalan Dr. Soetomo, Panderejo Village, Banyuwangi, recognizes that the price of service and patching of silicone tires is Rp 600 thousand.

Workshop officer Dian Tubles, Eko, claimed the price benchmark was based on tire size and the location of the leak position. In addition, the machines used are also expensive and the materials must be ordered accordingly online.

“Yes, that much is the price, Rp. 600 thousand. That is not a pair of pairs,” he told reporters on Saturday (07/04/2020).

Tire prices press silicon IDR 250 thousand. Meanwhile, for addition, according to him, seeing the condition of tire damage and the position of the damaged tire.

“The one-piece ban is Rp 250 thousand. So we will see the conditions,” Eko said again.

For reasons of not providing prior price socialization, the workshop claimed that the workshop was crowded at the time of the customer.

“Yesterday there was a note. If you want to complain, you can say. Last time the workshop was busy. Because there were only two strengths,” he said.

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