Viral, Taliban Militia Appears Behind Afghan TV Broadcasters on Live


ACCEPTANCE – Several armed militias from the group Taliban appeared behind the Afghan national television broadcaster when live or live broadcast. The shocking video quickly went viral online onlinebecause of the frightened expression of the television announcer.

In the recording, the host of the political debate program “Pardaz” from the television network Peace Studio Afghanistan speaks to its audience, reading out statements from the Taliban. Meanwhile, two heavily armed militia stood menacingly behind him.

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The footage was shared among other things by broadcasters BBC, Yalda Hakim. The recording is not available in English and is not accompanied by subtitles.

The judge said the host was heard discussing the fall of the Afghan government and said nervously; “Afghan people must not… be afraid”.

The judge described the tense situation as an unbelievable scene. “This is what now looks like a political debate on Afghan television, Taliban soldiers watching the hosts,” he was quoted as saying, Monday (30/8/2021).

Hakim, who fled Afghanistan as a child with his family before settling in Australia, has also been at odds with the Taliban recently. It came after Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen called his cell phone during an interview live for BBC.

The judge allowed the Taliban spokesman to read the statement and then he attacked him with many critical questions. His calm action won the praise of many people.

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